Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Composition Game

I included the cover of this book  because I think it is gorgeous.  It feels like a visual dance to me.  I love the way the designers at Johns Hopkins Press put together the various leaves and colors and typefaces.  It actually teaches me something about composition:  Give some space for someone to enter.  Use a strong spatial relationship, a sense of movement.  Use color to direct the eye--the focal point is the red of "Trees" and the different shades of red of some of the leaves.
It also has enough playfulness that it can almost be a game.  How many leaves can you identify?  These leaves come from seven common street trees among the 50 included in the book.  Can you identify them?  Did you find the double? On the cover you also see an acorn (nut of the oak) and a couple of samaras (a fruit of the maples among other trees).  Can you find them?

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